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The site for personal information collected on the site and terms of payment, cancellation, return, shipping and delivery..

Please read all policies before using the site or before submitting any personal information.
When you use the Laviola Flowers website and purchase from the site, this means that you accept all the practices mentioned..


Cancellation and refund policy

Cancellation of the order by the customer

Orders canceled before (8 hours) from the start of the delivery date will be eligible for a full refund.

Orders canceled within less than (8 hours) from the start of the delivery date may not be eligible for a full refund.

Because the processing of your order has been started due to the fact that our products are fresh and is prepared on the basis of each prior order.

In this case, please contact our customer service as soon as possible.: 002 / 0225416408

Tel: 002 / 01000054548

• If the product is defective due to shipping, please return it upon delivery / do not accept the product.

Not eligible for a refund in the following cases

When you start processing your order.

The recipient refused to receive the gift.

The absence or presence of the recipient of the gift

Having any wrong information, wrong address or wrong phone number provided by the buyer.


As for the refund, if the cancellation of the request is accepted, the money will be returned according to the payment method: a period not exceeding 3 working days if the payment is cash. A period not exceeding 6 working days in the case of electronic payment. A period not exceeding 7 working days if the payment is via credit card. In the event of the delay, it is caused by the delay of the payment company or the bank

Vouchers, Discount Cards and Gift Cards:

We always offer promotions to improve the marketing of our brand, such as vouchers, debit cards and discount codes on the site.
All terms and conditions are valid between us and the customer, and the voucher, debit card or code cannot be used more than once for the user, and it is not allowed to copy it to another person or account and it is not allowed to use it directly or indirectly or to publish it on any means and it is not allowed to store and use it at another time .

We reserve the right to cancel or terminate offers and discounts at any time for any reason, and vouchers can only be redeemed through and not through any website or other means of communication. To use the voucher, you will be required to enter its unique code at online checkout and use of this code will be deemed to confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and any special terms attached to the voucher.

Any discounts attached to vouchers apply only to the price of ordered products and not to delivery charges, which will be chargeable at normal rate rates, and we reserve the right to exclude the use of voucher codes on certain products or store types

Delivery and Shipping

We do our best to deliver the products on time and according to what the delivery time was determined by you when completing the order information, delivery takes place within 3 hours after completing the order unless another date is set by you

If we cannot deliver the products on the same day specified by you, you can cancel the order and we will refund your money or any expenses requested from you during the purchase.
Delivery is made when the product reaches the consignee address you specified when placing the order. At this stage, the responsibility of Laviola Flowers ends, and the responsibility for the loss, damage or breakage of the product does not fall on Laviola Flowers.

In the event that the person to whom it is sent is not present, or the person to whom the request is to be sent, or there is an error in the contact numbers or addresses registered by you, the request will be returned to one of our showrooms and any person from you comes to receive it or request to send it to another address by adding a service fee Delivery within a maximum period of 24 hours, and we do not bear any responsibility after that in the product, and the amount or any part of the amount cannot be returned.

In the event that the person to whom it is sent is not present or the person to whom you want to send the request does not receive the request, or there is an error in the contact numbers or addresses registered by you, the request will be returned to one of our showrooms, and when you request delivery again, there will be additional delivery service fees

Note upon receipt of the order, we rely on the contact numbers recorded by the buyer when completing the order process, and the delivery process will be based on the same contact numbers. We are not responsible for any numbers recorded by mistake, whether for the recipient or the buyer. before sending

And in a solution that was the mistake by the Laviola Flower team, the full amount will be refunded to you

And your request is sent free of charge to the account of Laviola Flower. To cherish you in solving a mistake from us


Please read the terms and conditions of the service before using the prepaid / credit card service: the customer is responsible for paying to the site, and the site may charge additional fees if the customer adds a “special request” or “general request” to his order, and payment will be made in cash for these Additional orders upon delivery of the order. The customer has the right to cancel the order if the delivery time exceeds the delivery time specified by the site, and the amount paid by the customer will be refunded to the customer’s account. The customer has the right to cancel the order within a maximum of 5 minutes of accepting the request. The process of refunding the amount to the customer’s account via the prepaid / credit card payment gateway may take 2-7 working days, and in the event of any delay in re-crediting the amount to the account of the customer who paid it, the customer must follow up with the bank directly and we will send an email to the customer containing On a printed copy of the refund notice printed from the payment gateway of the prepaid / credit card for his reference in case the customer wishes to review the bank. The customers