bouquet of sunflowers wrapped in newspaper is a beautiful and simple gift. The flowers are bright yellow and full of life. They seem to radiate happiness. Newspaper is old-fashioned, but it adds to the beauty of the flowers. It creates a sense of simplicity and spontaneity.

The sunflower is known as the "Queen of Flowers" because of its beauty and symbolism. Flowers follow the sun in the sky, opening during the day and closing at night.
This gift is perfect for anyone who appreciates the simple beauty in life.


Some tips for maintaining the freshness of flowers:

Cut the stems 2-3 cm long with sharp scissors at a 45 degree angle
Place the flowers in a vase containing cold water
Change the water every day or two.
Keep flowers away from sources of heat and direct light.
Do not put flowers in a vase that is too small.
 With proper care: you can enjoy the beauty of the flowers for as long as possible.


You can write a message to your loved one on a card and put it with the package.

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