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Beautiful Hand Bouquet of Gypsophila and Pink Chrysanthemum wrapped in raffia. The bouquet is carefully assembled from flowers that bloom in spring and summer, and is distinguished by its vivid colors and natural beauty. Gypsophila is a small, delicate, off-white flower, while chrysanthemum is a larger, darker pink flower. The flowers are surrounded by raffia that gives the bouquet a natural and simple look to add a touch of elegance to any space, be it your home, office or party.

The bouquet is perfect as a gift for a friend, lover or anyone you love. It is a gift that expresses how much you care about them. Which makes them an ideal gift for any occasion.


The bouquet is about 50 cm high and about 35 cm wide.

gypsophila chrysanthemum are long-lived flowers,


Some tips to keep flowers fresh:

Cut the stems 2-3 cm long with sharp scissors at a 45-degree angle
Place the flowers in a vase of cold water
Change the water every day or two.
Keep flowers away from sources of heat and direct light.
Don't put flowers in a vase that is too small.
 With proper care: you can enjoy the beauty of flowers for as long as possible.


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